EU server problems in Blade & Soul

  • Everyone's assuming the biggest one would be Soha, but it turns out that it'll be a french oriented server. Why?

    Which one will be the german one? If we knew at least that, then everyone could know which server to focus on. But why make the biggest one the french server in the first place?

    I just want to figure out what will be the most relevant server in terms of skilled people and population. A server where a big part would be french, wouldn't be that server.

    Please note that harassing players in-game because they speak German or French on public channels will be considered as a violation and may be subject to account penalties (up to a termination). We want all players to be able to enjoy the game together. We officially support English, German and French languages. As of now, we don't have any German or French specific servers and the German/French localization isn't available yet (that will be available for CBT4), but it doesn't mean that servers are "English only" until then.

    We also ask you to please respect players from smaller territories trying to recruit members for their guilds (if they are spamming too much, feel free to report them for spamming and Blacklist them, but do not harass them to Buy Blade And Soul Gold). Finally, things that may be perceived as a joke by someone of you can also be considered highly offensive for others. So please refrain from attacking any player based on the language they use or they country they are from. We are really taking this kind of harassment seriously.

    I respect all languages and I have even lived in another country and I know how tough it can be when English is not the native tongue and sadly last beta there was a lot of abuse towards anyone not speaking English... hopefully that will change :) and I would guess most people here who have friends/gf/bf/husband/wife etc who might not even be from your home country but speak your language and you treat them with respect to treat others the same way!