• Most of you probably know the Nike Free shoes offer a barefoot-like feel, Buy Nike Free Run shoes
      along with cushioning, support, traction and underfoot protection. You might even be wearing a pair right now. But did you know that not all of the Nike Free are created equal?Leah’s search to find a more cushioned ride as opposed to her New Balance Minimus Road Shoes led her to try out the Nike Free. After all, they have been coined the number one selling minimalist shoe.
    She made the transition to a minimalist shoe one year ago when she jumped out of her Adidas Marathon 10’s and into the Minimus.Although she love the Minimus, like many other minimal runners she felt needed a bit more cushion as her distances approached above ten miles. This is not an uncommon concern amongst many as even I want more cushion with my longer miles during Nike Free Run online
      marathon training.As she began trying on the various models of the Nike Free, she quickly noticed there are three models that are designated by the numbers 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0. She had initially purchased the 4.0 at one store and then tried on a 5.0 in a second store. Confused as to the significance of the numbers, she asked someone in the specialty running shoe store she was in.
    The sales associate’s response was the higher numbers have a deeper groove on the sole of the shoe offering more flexibility. Thus, a 5.0 should be more flexible then a 3.0. Whoops!! This was incorrect information!! Leah purchased both shoes and brought them home to make a decision, and after much discussion and research she realized that the information given to her was was untrue.